Food is a natural connector. Champagne is in our blood.

So, first, we dine together.

Then, we get down to business.

The purpose of our free monthly Brunch Series is to meet our ideal customers and educate them on how to get what they want. So, if this sounds like you, please join us.


Our Ideal Customer

You’ve always been defiant.
Bucking the system. Doing things your way.
Freedom is at your fingertips. It’s so close you can taste it.
You’re wild at heart. Just like us.
And you believe that business is the new freedom-train.

So you’ve carefully crafted an idea. And it keeps you up at night.
It’s a good idea. It’s a really, really good idea.

And you’re willing to work for it. You’re willing to hustle.
You know you have what it takes.
You’re not looking for a quick fix or a magic pill.
You know that what you are looking for is already within you.
You just need a little guidance from someone who’s a few steps ahead.

In this business baby of yours, you want to use your gifts to make a difference.
You want to be well known and well paid.
You may even feel like you were meant for this.

But the puzzle of marketing is challenging you – and draining your energy. All the pieces are splayed out all over the table, and it’s taking too long to figure out how they fit together.

You wonder if it’s your branding, your messaging, or something else.

And you don’t want to waste more time and money with trial and error.

If this is you, please join us for our next Brunch n’ Learn called “Become a Social Brand.”

In this free mini workshop, we are going to show you how to put the pieces together, like:

  • How to brand yourself and your business
  • How to define your ideal customer
  • How to find her online
  • How to talk to her
  • How to ask her what she needs
  • How to design your products or services based on what she is looking for
  • How to entertain and delight her with your content
  • How to lead her to the sale of your products and services
  • How to create an unbreakable bond with her
  • How to inspire her to share your brand with her friends and family
  • How to become featured in her favorite magazines and on her favorite blogs
  • How to do it all without spending all day online

If you are ready to make more money doing what you love using social media as your main source of new clients and customers, then you are the perfect candidate to attend this free event.

Here’s what you’re going to LEARN:

  • How to create a magnetic brand.
  • The five steps to designing a social media strategy that ACTUALLY sells your products and services.
  • How to design a content strategy that NATURALLY leads to the sale.
  • The one thing you have to do for fast growth, so you’re not spending all day on social media or wasting any unnecessary time.
  • How to create really compelling educational content for your audience, so you become their go-to expert or business for whatever you offer.
  • Our top tips for engaging and growing your accounts regularly.
  • This is a real workshop where you will actually be doing work on your brand. Not a “teaser” course full of fluff. We will get right down to creating your strategy (after a little champagne of course).

Frequently Asked Questions

You have two options. If you plan to DIY your strategy, you may be interested in Social Brand School, a one-stop-shop that will teach you how to DIY your branding, marketing and PR. See the Social Brand School tab for more details.

If you’re looking to hire experts to design your brand, build your marketing strategy, and create your PR plan with you, the options for that are on our Work With Us tab.

No. The event ticket is free and includes one free mimosa (because we love mimosas). There will also be brunch options available for you to purchase, should you be feeling hungry!

Our philosophy for creating magnetic social brands is quite unique, so you may be surprised with what you learn, even if you consider yourself somewhat advanced.

No. This workshop is an interactive presentation-style session, and we send out the notes afterwards to those who choose to become a part of our community.

Yes! Each person attending the brunch must register themselves using the registration link below.


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