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Julie and Samantha first met in college and again, later, while doing a workshop that changed both of their lives forever. At the time, Samantha had just left a marketing agency she had been collaborating with, and Julie had just been through her first start-up acquisition.

Both were open to new possibilities and had a similar mission: empowering the entrepreneur.

The two reconnected and found it fascinating how complementary their skill sets were, and just like that, Ideal Marketing was born.


Julie Cabezas

Chief Engineer + Executive Producer

Julie is a leader. For her whole life, she has been obsessed with greatness. She spent many years trying different businesses and failing her way to success.

With a background in engineering, marketing, and training, Julie Cabezas is Ideal Marketing’s Chief Engineer, Executive Producer, and Resident Writer.

Her passion is for dance, writing, arts, and sciences. She is fascinated by those who have the courage to live a unique life and is deeply in love with her own life. She is a passionate mother, girlfriend, and business owner.

She intends to lead her generation to greatness, so that one day, anyone can earn a fantastic living doing what they love.

Samantha Loomis

Creative Director + PR Powerhouse

Samantha is a maverick. She’s been leading life her own way since she could remember. She too has spent the past decade building businesses, learning from her mistakes, and trailblazing new paths to freedom.

With a background in sports medicine, marketing and e-commerce, Samantha Loomis is Ideal Marketing’s Creative Director, PR Powerhouse, and Visuals Vixen.

Her passion is for fashion, luxury, travel, and of course, athletics. She is obsessed with living a life worth remembering, tapping into your potential and growing your wealth with online digital business.

She intends to blaze a trail for all future business owners by teaching them how to be more sovereign, while running a successful business from anywhere.


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How to Create a Little Black Dress Brand:


The Little Black Dress is empowering, sexy and always classic, just like the strategies in this little guide we put together. If you’re new to Ideal, then this is the perfect place to start. This guide outlines the key strategies you need to grow your business using DIY branding, marketing, and PR.